Local Treasures Hotels & Resorts
A new hospitality brand that facilitates ease and comfort for our guests to explore and experience unique “local” experiences and traditions.  A uniquely packaged concept at a significantly reduced cost for both operators and guests!
Property Owners
The brand offers independent hotel owners or operators the opportunity to affiliate themselves with an innovative global brand together with all the benefits this provides plus more, without the high costs normally associated of such partnerships!
Find out more about the investment opportunities with Local Treasures. The opportunity to be part of a new reality for the hospitality industry!
The Concept behind Local Treasures
Today’s travellers are seeking unique and personalized experiences. Authenticity, Superior, Personalized Service and Value Add are key.
The team behind Local Treasures
We bring over 80+ years combined experience in key roles in the Hospitality and Leisure industry to the table. Find out more about the team.
Become a Local Treasure
-Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants and places of local interest- Join our growing portfolio of Local Treasures across the globe.